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Origami is an ancient form of art. The arts provide an authentic learning experience that engages the mind, body and heart. In can enhance creativity, self discipline, skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges encountered during our lives.

Cranes for Joy is dedicated to fostering the creative spirits of all ages and encouraging giving to the community. We are creating a community system to fold cranes for specific projects. We are always looking for more hands. Stay tune for our upcoming workshops, projects and events!

What we are up to right now:

1000 Cranes for Joy for Children’s Hospital Colorado

We are also collecting cranes to donate to Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Please fold one crane or more, and mail it to us. Cranes should be folded from any size square paper of any type (origami paper, magazine paper, thin print paper). We would like you to write on the Crane where it comes from (City, State and/or Country) and a short message if you wish.

Cranes should be sent unopened, wings up, to:

Cranes for Joy
c/o Daniels College of Business
2101 University Blvd., Suite 335
Denver, CO 80208.

Previous projects:

Sandy Hook 1000 Cranes for Peace.  Gifted to the Town of Newtown, CT. Folded by Liberty Middle School 6th and 8th graders.

1000 Cranes for Alex . In Memory of Alexander Teves, MA. Special contributors: YMCA at Bruce Randolph School in Denver and Emerald Isle Landscaping.